"Being a general dentist who loves treating complex restorative and aesthetic cases, my patients and I require restorations to not only be beautiful and functional, but clinically predictable. Aaron's lab work process from diagnostic work-up to temporary fabrication, temporary duplication to final ceramics, ensures efficient clinical flow and predictable super sexy ceramics!"
-Brandon L. Cairo DMD, Worcester, MA


"I have been using Pearl Dental Studio for over 5 years during this time I have been able to complete many complicated esthetic cases with their help. Use of their prep guides and temporary fabrication stents takes all the guess work out of cosmetic cases and produces perfect temporary restorations with very little effort."

"The final restorations are fantastic. Pearl Dental Studio supports digital impressions taken with my True Definition Scanner. The combination of the digital impressions along with their expertise leaves almost no adjustment needed to my cases at the time on insertion. I would highly recommend Pearl Dental Studio to any dentist interested in raising their level of dentistry to the next level."
-Davis Wolf, DDS - Milford,MA

"I enjoy my vision with private laboratories located int the USA. Aaron Darvish of Pearl Dental Studio is a ceramist and artist. He and I work together to achieve the smile makeovers that my patients receive with their crowns and veneers. Aaron has helped me deliver beautiful natural smiles to my patients.
I have used his Laboratory for single unit and also smile makeovers. Aaron and I meet to discuss the complicated cases so that the patient is given the best results that he and I can deliver. Building a like minded TEAM ic critical for optimum patient care."
-Dr. Janice Spada DMD, Sudbury, MA

"I have been restoring patients mouths for 29 years. I have used countless labs over that time. I met my final Lab Tech sitting next to me at a Continuing Education Course. That alone impressed me. If you want an intelligent caring Lab Tech with the finest restorative skills you can find anywhere.
Aaron and Pearl Dental Studio are it!"
-Dr. Mark Wisniewski DDS, Greenfield, Ma

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